The Many Benefits of Chaga Mushroom: A Natural Wonder for Health and Wellness

The world of natural remedies and alternative medicine is full of surprises. One of the most interesting discoveries in recent years has been the powerful benefits of Chaga mushroom. This unusual looking mushroom, which grows on birch trees in cold climates such as Siberia, Canada and Alaska, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine […]

The History and Power of Manifestation

What is Manifestation? Manifestation is bringing an observable noun (person, place, thing or idea) into your existence through thought and action, via the setting of clear intention. No scientific studies have been published about manifestation, and it is largely considered a pseudoscience, because it has not passed the rigors essential to scientific method, but before […]

Seasonal Celebrations with Healthy Intention

Choosing healthy options doesn’t mean you have to forego all of your holiday favorites or stand around looking miserable while everyone else enjoys themselves, but it does take a little bit of planning, and the ability to make small modifications.

5 Tips For Eye Health and Safety in Adults

How to keep your eyes healthy as an adult Did you know that eye health is related to your general physical and mental health? Did you know that your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, and so any injury you suffer there can have lasting consequences? Did you know that […]

Detox Your Lungs – Clean Your Lungs and Breathe Easier

The human respiratory system is a complex network of small and large airways, all connecting at different places in the nasal cavity and the throat. Keeping these passageways clear of debris and mucus is essential for healthy breathing.

How to Deal With Stress, Anxiety, Depression When You Have Psoriasis

Psoriasis Awareness blog cover image

The most common symptoms include dry, itchy skin and swollen lymph nodes. A few people may experience joint pain or scalp tenderness or swelling triggered by stress. People with psoriasis may also have a higher risk of developing other health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and depression. Some types of psoriasis are particularly difficult to treat because they can cause widespread inflammation.

5 Factors That Affect Your Body Health

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When you think of the word health, what comes to mind? For most people, the answer is probably something along the lines of eating right, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. While these things are all important for your physical well-being, they are not the only factors that can impact your overall health. There are […]

Hand Sanitizer Recipes: What to use and How to Make Them

Hand over plant leaves

Whatever the season, hand sanitizer is a useful accessory for fighting germs. In fact, keeping hand sanitizer in your desk or bag can help prevent colds and flu from spreading at work or school. However, the best hand sanitizer won’t just remove dirt from your hands; it will also leave them smelling great. Thankfully, making […]

Body Health Tips You Need To Know Now

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As a society, we’ve become more conscious about the food we eat and how it impacts our bodies. From local farmers markets to nutrition information on fast food menus, people are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about their diet and its effects on their health. However, the rise in awareness of the dangers of poor eating habits has also produced a new wave of pseudo-science that promises miraculous results with little effort and no change in lifestyle. It can be difficult to recognize what is legitimate versus what is not when it comes to health advice. The following five body health hacks are legitimate and will help you achieve optimal well-being through simple adjustments to your everyday life.

World Lung Cancer Day

World Lung Cancer Day blog cover photo

The goal of World Lung Cancer Day is to raise awareness about this disease and the importance of early detection. It also aims to encourage people to take steps to prevent lung cancer from developing, including quitting smoking and staying physically active.

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